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​​​​​​​​Payment options

ePay Payments

Please be advised that effective June 1, 2017, we will no longer accept electronic plan payments through the SunTrust ePay service. If you are a Chapter 13 debtor who is currently using that service you should immediately discontinue doing so and begin using the TFS electronic payment product instead. If you attempt to make a plan payment through the SunTrust ePay system on June 1, 2017, or thereafter, you will not be able to do so; your payment will be returned to you and will not be applied to your case.

Information about the TFS option and a link to their website is provided immediately below this announcement. If you have any questions about the termination of the SunTrust ePay service please contact your attorney immediately.


Electronic Online Payment through Nationwide TFS

​In the rare case where a wage deduction is not possible, for instance if you are self-employed or retired, the Trustee's office will accept electronic plan payments made through the service provided by Nationwide TFS​. TFS is a private company that is not affiliated in any way with the Trustee or his office. For a fee comparable to the fee for a cashier's check or money order, qualified Chapter 13 debtors may make their plan payments through TFS by way of a secure electronic withdrawal directly from the debtor's bank account.


Please review the following information regarding Nationwide TFS:

​​ General Information​

​ Sign Up Instructions

 Nationwide TFS Frequently Asked Questions

 Nationwide TFS Pricing​

Bill Pay

Many banks offer a service to send out checks called bill pay. The service varies from bank to bank, but it is important to use the payment address below when sending in payments via bill pay. In addition, be sure to include your case number in the account or memo line. If you set up your case number as your account number, many banks will save this information and this will assure your payment is applied correctly.​

Money Order or Cashiers Check

It is important that you use the address below when mailing in your payment. In addition, be sure to include your case number in the account or memo line.​

​Payment Address:

​Chapter 13 Standing Trustee 
PO Box 2139 
Memphis TN 38101-2139​


If you are still using ePay to make payments, you can access it here​.​