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​​Debtor Education

Find out how to sign up for debtor education classes here.

Address Change

Please immediately contact your attorney about your change of address. You are required to report
your change of address in writing to the United States Bankruptcy Court. Do not send statements of address
change to our office.

All debtors have the duty to file a statement of any change of address with the US Bankruptcy Court.  Federal
Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 4002(a)(5).  All debtors must file notices of a change of address with the US
Bankruptcy Court within fourteen days of the effective date of the address change.  Local Bankruptcy Rule

Unless you keep the Bankruptcy Court advised of your correct mailing address, our office will be unable to 
communicate with you through the use of paper mail.

Liquidation Analysis

Access our automated liquidation analysis form here.

Research Center

 Access our research center for useful external links here.

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